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Our Factory / Production unit is vertically integrated and equipped with latest machineries for smooth and quality production processes in-house.Sweater production includes various processes :–

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Knitting Process

Knitting section has 700 latest automatic/computerized jacquard machines which enabled for all sorts of knitting process include jacquard (Bird eye Jacquard, circular jacquard), Intarsia, Full Needle,Lace, Cable, Full Cardigan, Links, Jersey, Auttoman, Half Milano, CrossStitch etc. Our factory is good for 3, 5,7 & 12 GG sweaters. Our factoryis able to handle all sorts of knitting patters with knitting category.

Knitting Pattern

Printing & Embroidery:

If any style involved printing and embroidery process are completed in our in-house printing and embroidery section.
(some printing name used on sweaters)

Pictures of Printing & Embroidery:

Linking Process:

Linking process is very important part of sweater manufacturing. After knitting individual components or panels of sweater s , requires linking each component or panel for a complete body. Our linking section has latest machineries balancing with our knitting and manufacturing capabilities.

Washing Process:

Washing is a very important process in sweater manufacturing andmandatory with Cotton and Acrylic based sweater manufacturing.

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Sweaters finishing the process involved checking of pieces, measuring checking, spot removing, repair work (mending), and ironing.